cryo preservation of sperms

Donor semen:

Semen from healthy donors known or presumed to be fertile may be stored for future use.
Donor spermatozoa can be used for AI, IUI, IVF or ICSI:

  • For the partner of an infertile man with no live spermatozoa or elongated spermatids suitable for ICSI, or where treatment has failed or is too costly;
  • To prevent transmission of an inherited disorder;
  • To prevent fetal haemolytic anaemia from blood group incompatibility;
  • After recurrent miscarriage, where donor insemination may result in a successful pregnancy;

Fertility preservation:

Semen may be obtained and stored before a man undergoes a procedure or exposure that might prevent or impair his fertility, such as:

  • Vasectomy (in case of a future change in marital situation or desire for more children);
  • Treatment with cytotoxic agents or radiotherapy, which is likely to impair spermatogenesis permanently.

Infertility treatment

Spermatozoa may be stored for treatment of the man’s partner by artificial insemination by husband’s semen (AIH), IUI, IVF or ICSI, in cases of.

  • Severe oligozoospermia or intermittent presence of motile spermatozoa in the semen (as backup for ICSI)
  • Treatment of infertility that may not persist, such as surgery for genital tract obstruction or gonadotrophin treatment for hypothalamo-pituitary hypogonadism
  • The need for special collection, such as assisted ejaculation for patients with spinal cord injury, spermatozoa from retrograde ejaculation in urine, or surgical collection from the genital tract;
  • Men who are unable to provide fresh semen on the day of an ART procedure.