Is Ivf Method Painful?

The Joy of having a baby is immense, however, a lot of couples are not able to experience this feeling still after trying for a long time. In this case, they must be aware of their problem and visit an infertility expert at the earliest. A lot of such couples through their visit to an IVF clinic comprise a lot of questions to ask. The First question the people typically ask is, how painful is IVF and how many injections will take?

IVF procedure involves a lot of drugs that need to be injected into the mother. Most of the injections are given during the ovulation induction period that is when the ovaries are stimulated to produced eggs. Depending on the AMH levels of the mother and the antral follicle count that is the number of eggs present in the ovary. These injections are given at a particular dose. So between 2 to 4 injections may be given each day over 8 days to 14 days on the women. Doctors will give the best care to the women and gives awareness that how many injections are given per day.

Once the eggs are out another injection known as the trigger injection is given for the eggs to be released. Here again, one to two injections will be given. Following the IVF procedure the transfer of embryos into the womb of the mother. In certain cases doctors may provide luteal support to the pregnancy via injections. Nowadays a lot of progesterone or hormones available through the vaginal route and injections may not always be necessary. These injections may be painful but not a lot and may cause mild distress.

Many people panic by seeing injections. Through the IVF cycle, there are several stages where women might experience discomfort. The beginning of an IVF cycle starts with insertion for the growth of eggs. A woman from the second day of her periods need to be injected with hormonal doses for 10 to 12 days so that the ovaries are stimulated to grow more mature eggs. These injections are painless and can be self-administered like insulin. The doctors at the Geetanjali test tube baby center will give an understanding of what are the stages included in the IVF cycle and how women might experience at that time.

After the stimulation process, when the ovaries begin to enlarge so that a lady may experience lower abdomen pain, but in this case, we adjust the dose of drugs and limit the number of eggs that grow. In a well-controlled simulation cycle, a patient usually does not experience any pain. After 3 to 4 days of stimulation, A lady needs to visit the clinic for ultrasounds for follicular monitoring and blood tests.

The next step is the egg retrieval process. During directing, couples are very much clarified about the procedure of IVF in detail. so, their next question that the most part comes up is will there be any pain during the egg retrieval process? In the egg retrieval process, we dispose of the eggs by penetrating the ovaries through the vagina by means of a long thin needle, so a women envision massive pain. But there is no pain under this procedure as it is done under anesthesia.

The final step involves embryo transfer. Usually, after 3 to 5 days the fertilized eggs now called embryo is transferred back into the uterus. This procedure is almost painless, but one may experience uneasiness only during the inclusion of a vaginal speculum which is done under ultrasound guidance. Doctors resort to the transfer at least 2 embryos to increase the chances of pregnancy. In 95% cases, there is a single live fetus but in 3 to 5%, there can be twins.

All through the technique of IVF, there may be some occurrence when a patient can expect pain and distress varies from individual to individual. Some may state that we experienced pain, some may say there was negligible pain and others may say they did not experience any pain. But the doctor says that the journey towards motherhood where you either conceive naturally or through assisted help from doctors. There would be a certain amount of discomfort that women might experience. But if the women is explained and counseled well then she will have a smooth journey. Appropriate guided information resolve reduce your trauma levels and thus amplify success rate.