Certified Doctors

Geetanjali test tube baby center will be providing the best-certified doctors who are specialized in various departments like Dr. M. Geetanjali as a clinical embryology and Andrology specialist done at the USA. Dr. M. Ravindranath specialized in Radiology. Dr. C. Geeta Raghavan the senior-most gynaecologist specialized in gynaecology & obstetrician who have more than 30 years of experience. Dr. K. Anuradha specializes in high-risk obstetrics. Dr. K. Peddulu specializes in Anesthesiology. Dr. I. Shyam Sundar specialized in internal medicine.

Dr. M. Anil Kumar specialized in Urology especially in male infertility and also skilled in TESA, TESE, MESA, PESA who have 18 years of experience. Dr. K. Chandrakala specialized in General surgery. Mr. Ravi Amudala specialized in clinical embryology and also skilled in screening Oocytes after retrieval and also providing various specialized doctors.