Dr. M. Geetanjali, the Medical Director and Founder of the Geetanjali Test Tube Baby Center in Hyderabad is an embodiment of the mythical “stork” that delivers bundles of joy. A doctor that has dedicated her life in painlessly re-creating the miracle of birth, she is the epitome of care and tireless service. Her steadfast dedication and mastery of several complex procedures pertaining to AssistedOur Reproductive Technology (ART) has allowed for over 3000 families to have a new purpose and beginning in the last eighteen years.

One of a kind

Doctors like Dr. Geetanjali, are a rare breed; an alumnus of Hyderabad’s prestigious Gandhi Medical College and Osmania University, Dr. Geetanjali has a Post Graduate degree in Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Not resting on her laurels and constantly striving to master her specialties and hone her skills she attained a second masters in Clinical Embryology and Andrology from the state of Virginia, USA. Consequently, with her high levels of academic achievement, she now has a skillset that is not only rare but also a great combination of medical specializations that makes her an expert in the field of reproductive medicine.

When her academic qualifications are combined with her immense wealth of experience and her constant drive to perform at the highest level, Dr. Geetanjali then becomes one of the most successful in her field in the twin cities.

Test tube baby center in hyderabad

Committed to touch the stars!

The last eighteen years have seen her build a storied career with valuable experience across fields. She has worked in various capacities ranging from a one-year term at the prestigious St. Thomas and Guy Hospital in the United Kingdom. Her stint in the UK allowed for her to showcase her skills at a global level as she worked under the guidance of the renowned gynaecologist Dr. Shanti Raju. She also held several prestigious positions before starting a practice of her own, one of which was serving the people as a Senior Registrar in Mahavir Hospital, Hyderabad.

On the Cutting Edge

Since starting out on her own, Dr. Geetanjali has constantly worked tirelessly to ensure that her center has the latest technological equipment in order to provide the best possible care. She has maintained a strong desire to remain updated about the latest medical procedures and advancements. She stays ahead of the curve by making time in her busy schedule to regularly attends workshops and conferences that focus on new ways to combat infertility.

Her medical and surgical skills have remained top-notch as she has attended workshops and symposia on the latest in her field, like workshops that focused on Vitrification of Oocytes and Embryos with
Dr. Masashige Kuwayama (with expertise in clinical embryology) working on single embryo transfers with Dr. David Gardner and working with Dr. Helena I Russell (from EVMS, USA) on the state of the
art Embryoscopy time-lapse system.

Science with a Human Touch

While remaining technologically aware is a necessary trait, Dr. Geetanjali firmly believes that all the technology is only successful if it is accompanied by kindness, care and dedication. Since the inception of the Geetanjali Test Tube Baby Centre in 2000, Dr. Geetanjali has drawn on her experience to successfully blend the latest in technology with unparalleled personal care. She makes it a point to personally perform all complex treatment procedures on the patients and ensure there is never any room for error.

A compassionate approach

While Dr. Geetanjali and her team only use the latest in medical technology because they believe that our patients deserve only the best, they are also cognizant of the fact that the best care needs to be affordable and stress-free for the patients.

All the medical processes and procedures at Geetanjali Test Tube Baby Centre have been carefully streamlined and a lot of emphasis has been laid by her on the affordability of treatments.

Her steadfast dedication to serve the community at large has allowed her to realize the dream that, the best medical care must benefit as many people as possible.

A ‘success’ mantra

By combining the benefits of technology, compassionate and affordable care with extensive counselling Dr. Geetanjali has perfected a success-centered approach that is ideal for the miracle of birth!